Jimmy Choo And Michael Kors Adopt Fur Free Policy

Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors are adopting a fur-free policy, according to WWD reports. The chief executive officer for Michael Kors, John Idol has confirmed that Michael Kors will get rid of fur by December 2018.

Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors are not the only ones who are abandoning the use of fur in their products, which has become a growing trend in the clothing and textile industry. A few months ago fashion hitter, Gucci has given a statement that they will no longer include fur in their products.

Few sources say that the reason for Michael Kors to abandon fur in their products is the incident which has taken place in June 2017, where anti-fur protesters stormed the dais when Michael Kors was speaking about his successful business Empire at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The activists protested against Michael Kors’ speech, to which Michael Kors responded that it is fashion industry and the taste of the cloth lovers compel him to use the fur in their designs.

Michael Kors has released a statement that due to advancement in technology, now the company can design aesthetic luxe without using animal fur. For this, the CEO and chairman of Michael Kors has added that this decision would be a new beginning in the company’s chapter as they continue to evolve with the use of innovative fashion materials.

After this announcement, the anti-fur protestors and Humane Society International were filled with joy. Also, Peta UK branch has tweeted their excitement at the announcement made by Michael Kors.

Not only the activists and organizations, but also individuals are also happy about this decision of Michael Kors.

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